Membership in the Maple Corner Community Center is open to anyone who lives in “Maple Corner or the Environs”.  We’ve always interpreted this quite liberally, welcoming anyone who has an interest in the goings on of the MCCC as members.  Our former membership list is very outdated so we are working on creating a new membership list as well as an email announcement list.  This will be a low-traffic email list, simply for important MCCC announcements.

If you want to be a member of the Maple Corner Community Center and stay apprised of MCCC activities, please fill out the form below or simply email

In addition to being an MCCC member, there are lots of ways to be involved in the community center.  You can come to potlucks, discussions, or other events or even help to plan whatever fun events you would like to see happen.  You could join the board or sit on the less formal program committee.  However you decide to be involved, we are confident you will have fun!

To know what’s going on, check out the Calendar, or reading through our Board Meeting Minutes for a behind the scenes view of what keeps the MCCC up and running!

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