Frequently Asked Questions

Maple Corner Community Center
Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Fees:
Please write one check for Rental Fee plus Kitchen Fee (if applicable) and a SEPARATE check for the Damage Deposit.  Both checks are due by the rental date and should be sent to:
MCCC  Attn: rentals
                                    PO Box 39
                                    Calais, VT 05648

Rental Rates: 
Calais Residents –                $12 per hour
Non-Calais Residents –       $20 per hour

Kitchen Fee:    
A $50 kitchen fee is required for events at which there is a sit-down meal for more than 12 people.

Damage Deposits:
Please read and understand the conditions for the return of deposits that are listed on the top half of the rental agreement form.  It is the renter’s responsibility to call for an inspection after their event. Assuming the building is left clean and undamaged, the damage deposit check will be destroyed after we’ve done a visual inspection. If you’d prefer having your damage deposit check returned to you, please let us know at the time of your rental.

Please email maplecornercc@gmail.comor call Jamie at 802-595-9525 if you suspect there may be a problem.

Lock Box/Key:
You will be given the combination to the lock box when you arrange your rental.  Please try the lock box before your event, if possible. First push down on the “Clear” button, then Punch in the lock box combination, push down the latch, and, keeping it pushed down, remove the key pad from the lock box to access the key.
Please do not take the key out of the building, or remove it from the jump ring attaching it to the key pad.  When you leave, repeat the process, punch in the code, and push down the latch to put the key pad back into the box.

Free long-distance within the US and Canada, phone is located in the kitchen by the microwave.  Our number is 802-223-4702. There is a list by the phone with phone numbers to call if you have a problem which needs to be addressed right away.

Feel free to use our high-speed wireless internet. WiFi is called “Maple Corner Community Center” and there is no password needed.

Entry Light:
The light outside the front door is controlled by a timer switch on the wall by the stairs.

Parking at MCCC is very limited.  Please encourage ride sharing.  If there is going to be a large crowd, use the traffic cones as shown in the attached chart.

The thermostat is located in the dining room, on the opposite side of the wall from the coat hooks.  Be sure to put it back to 55 degrees when you leave.

The upstairs has a separate heater, with a control by the door to the stairs. If the upstairs heat won’t turn on, double check the breaker box back stage. It’s on a timer please turn the timer back to zero when you leave.

Please do not use push pins in the walls, and be sure to remove all decorations inside and out after your event.

Familiarize yourself with the elevator before your event if you are going to use it.  Do not use the elevator to move furniture between floors, and do not use the elevator if you are alone in the building.

AV System:
There is an AV system upstairs that may be used during rentals, with an additional deposit.  Ask for details if interested.

There is no trash pick up at MCCC, so you must take your trash when you leave.  Please put a new bag in the can.  Clean recycling may be left. We are no longer able to compost, please take your compostable’s with you.

Clean Up:
Follow the clean up check list posted on the fridge, turn the heat down to 55 degrees, check that all exterior doors are latched shut and locked, turn off all lights and return the key to the lock box.

If MCCC is out of any supplies, or something needs attention, please note it in the white board above the sink in the kitchen, or email details to

Winter Access:
The drive is plowed regularly in the winter and we attempt to keep the walk shoveled, but if it’s snowed recently you may need to arrive early to shovel the walk.  There is traction sand in the can by the front door. For large groups make sure that a path is clear from the kitchen door and back stairway to the neighbor’s driveway, for use in case of an emergency. Snow that is tracked in can make the stairs slippery.  Please sweep or mop as necessary to keep them safe for use.

Because of insurance issues, alcohol cannot be consumed at the Community Center, unless served by a licensed caterer who carries their own insurance.  One-time event insurance can also be purchased through some companies, most frequently as an add-on to an existing home-owners policy.

Click here for a downloadable MCCC FAQ if you wish to download and print.

Click here for a MCCC Parking.


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